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Recap: A Matter of Balance with Coach Justin

with Justin Kellett

For the past nine weeks, Coach Justin has led A Matter of Balance, a focused group training program to address all aspects of balance. It was a low intensity progression geared towards improving functional mobility, as well as stability. It also addressed how to properly improve strength, coordination and total body awareness.

Coach Justin highlighted three of the biggest takeaways from the program:


A major objective with this program was to increase the confidence of each attendee. Fear of falling or injury greatly impacts day to day decision making. Performing these exercises in a progressive format both increased confidence and self-belief that skills learned in the program can directly translate over into an increased confidence in everyday life.


Another major goal for this program was to provide members with all the tools and resources to continue to develop strength and balance outside the program. Balance is something that needs to be practiced very frequently if somebody is determined to improve it.


Knowing the "why" is important in everything that is done. With each class and different exercise or variation, Coach Justin tried to help members understand the "why should I be doing it this particular way." If your goal is to improve something you must first understand it in every aspect.

Some of the exercises the group focused on throughout the duration of the nine weeks are:

  • Static Single Leg Balance- grab a stable surface, lift one leg off the ground, flex knee ~30 degrees and try to maintain balance. To progress, cross arms on chest and turn head side to side, then turn shoulders side to side with head.

  • Static Tandem Balance- standing close to a wall or stable surface place one foot directly in front of the other and try to maintain balance. Progression begins with turn of the head, then adding both shoulders side to side with the head while keeping weight centered directly over your feet.

  • Dynamic Heel/Toe Walks- walk 20 feet forward and backward on toes, then repeat on your heels. This strengthens the shin and calf muscles which are very important in balance.

You can give these exercises a try if you want to start, or continue, working on your balance. A little bit of work goes a long way!

Finally let's hear what someone who who took part in the program had to say about their experience:

"I took the balance class because my balance was way off! Justin made us aware of all the things we need to accomplish to stay mobile and active in our daily life. He was able to assess the ability of the class and adjust the exercises for all of us. The slogan we are all taking away: "Use it so you don't lose it!"

It's SO true!"

-Nancy Dubay

If you are looking to improve your balance, start simple, and keep an eye out for future sessions of A Matter of Balance with Coach Justin to come! Congratulations to those who devoted their time and energy to the program these past nine weeks. Your hard work will surely pay off!

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