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Physician Referral

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- A Medically Integrated Fitness Facility -

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Talk to your physician today to see if beginning an exercise routine could benefit your health.


Hearing directly from your physician about the benefits of exercise might be just what you need to get started. Our Medical Fitness Center and physicians have established a Physician Referral Program to get every patient the help they need!

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Physician Referral Program 


Talk To Your Physician

Find out if an exercise program can benefit you! Talk to your physician at your next appointment.


Medical Fitness Referral

If your physician has cleared you for exercise and refers you to the Medical Fitness Center, our team will help get you started. Once the front desk has received your referral, you will get set up with a 30-day free trial. This includes a fitness coaching consultation with a certified fitness coach, unlimited group fitness, and full access to the facility. After the 30-day trial, the joining fee will be discounted by 50% if you purchase a one-year membership.



Finances are the number one barrier to wellness programming for many people. Ask about our scholarship program. We are passionate about this fund; it is here to help everyone afford a membership.


Fit for Life Referral

If your physician determines you are best suited for a Medical Supervised Exercise program, a referral to our Fit for Life program is step one. After Fit for Life, you can become a Medical Fitness member, exercising on your own.


Becoming a Member

For as long as you are a member, you will receive a free annual fitness consultation. We are a medically integrated facility and our mission is to provide a non-intimidating space to foster healthy and achievable lifestyle changes. Members get discounted rates on dietary counseling, fitness coaching, focused group training, and unlimited access to group fitness. Plus, our coaches are always on the fitness floor to answer any questions you might have.


"I applied for a scholarship and was approved. I've made wonderful friends....and the staff are encouraging and always available for questions or pointers on using the gym equipment.  Everything is pristine and clean with all state-of-the-art equipment for all our needs. It's not a place where you need to parade and wear the latest attire... everyone works out to the best of their ability and I've become so pleased with my own experience working out since September 2022. All ages are present, and I always get a terrific sweat and feel amazing once I complete my workout. Classes and the pool are available too. There's something for everyone to utilize and it is such an amazing place in the heart of Lake Placid. Lake Placid is a mecca area for physical fitness and positive body image. You will feel the electric vibe once you enter this wonderful gym!!! We all are here to better ourselves and I have come a long way!!! If you're on the fence to join...May my testimony motivate you!! Come be a part of attaining the best YOU, you can be!!! Training coaches are available too and any questions or concerns are always answered with an encouraging smile!! My life has completely transformed and I feel so pleased at my year commitment to get healthier. Joining was the best decision and plan on continuing my journey!! I'm on my way to being the best version I can be!! I look forward to seeing you in the gym and seeing our transformation!!"

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