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Child's Pose

Summer 2024 schedule coming soon...

Rolling Yoga Mat

To join in person 

All upcoming classes are displayed below. If you would like to join as a guest call 518-523-8521 Drop in rates are $18/class, or $10/ class when also buying a day pass. 

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To join virtually

Find the class you wish to attend virtually below in the calendar. Within the respective class description, you will find information on how to join virtually.

Child's Pose

Group Fitness Policies

  1. Members and guests must enroll in the class before attending. The registration window is 3 hours and 15 days from the start of class.  *enrollment less than three hours from class will be on a case-by-case basis depending on enrollment and may only be done in person or by calling the front desk. 

  2. Members and guests must unenroll themselves from the class if they cannot attend. Chronic no-shows will result in a $5 no-show fee. 

  3. Classes with two (2) or less enrolled will be canceled. The enrolled members will be notified by phone/or email at the latest two hours before the start of class. 

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