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More than just a gym, the Adirondack Health Medical Fitness Center is a medically integrated center featuring state of the art equipment, highly qualified staff personnel, and a a friendly community centered environment.

At Adirondack Health Medical Fitness Center you are our priority.


Our state of the art facility is one of a kind, and so is our service. We aren't just a gym, we are a  medically integrated space catering to those who are just starting out on their supervised wellness journey as well as those who are fully independent in the capacity of our space. ​

Because we have such highly qualified staff personnel, we are able to support our members in their goals while maintaining a high level of success with those we work with individually.​


To plan your workout; take notice of when there are specialty programs on the turf. During these times, you can anticipate a more crowded facility.

Clean Bubbles

COVID-19 Policies

Adirondack Health Medical Fitness Center is the safest place for continued health and wellness. From day one we have always had high standards with cleanliness and sanitation. Since COVID-19 our standards have increased. Because of our dedicated members and staff, we have been able to remain successfully and safely open.

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