You Are Not Alone

In a time of social isolation, we are here for you...

You Are Not Alone

By Traci Marie Wagner

I have always touted myself as being one who is excellent at being alone. I will not retract that statement, but over the course of the past thirty-plus days being forced into true social isolation, I have started to think about why this is. Why am I so comfortable being alone? Is it because I'm comfortable with myself? Perhaps.

Well, I'm certainly a mixture found somewhere between an introvert and an extrovert; likely leaning more towards the introvert side. And this course of forced isolation has made me realize I may not be as introverted as I had previously proclaimed. I have since come to the conclusion that there may be a more defined reason as to why I am so comfortable being alone. Perhaps it is because I actually am never alone. I always have a companion with me. 

There's a reason we call dogs man's best friend. We can learn so many things from a dog's behavior, personality, demeanor, resiliency, and most importantly, the willingness to provide their human with unconditional love, loyalty, and companionship down to their very last breath. I started to evaluate my dog during this time. She certainly has stuck to her same routines. My presence being home during the day hasn't altered her schedule in the least. In fact, it has given me an insider view of what she has done all these years during the day while I'm gone. She sleeps all day and only wakes for cookies and to move from the bedroom to the couch; couch to the dog bed, and then in reverse. Then come evening like clockwork, she will be ready to play at the exact time I would typically be getting home from work. With realizing this, I began paying more attention to how no matter the situation, your dog always remains the same; their ability to live in the present moment is something to recognize. They don't regret the past or worry about the future. Therefore, if we can take lead from our very own furry companions and learn to appreciate and focus on what's happening in the here and now, we may actually experience a new richness of living in our current situation.

So, here we are today with our worlds altered, some tipped right upside down, others just rocked slightl