Happiness Happens: August Newsletter

Welcome to August! We hope you have been enjoying your summer outside in the Adirondacks & inside our facility. If you haven't heard our latest news, you may now work out in the gym without a mask if you are vaccinated. Masks are still required when entering and leaving the facility. Please stop by the front desk to have your photo retaken without a mask on!

During the month of August, join us in celebrating Happiness. Happiness Happens is the theme of the month. Our philosophy on happiness is that it happens in many ways. Oftentimes, in the smallest of ways, like a simple hello from a stranger, or just by noticing the way your favorite spot in your house looks on a sunny morning, or the sound of a loved one laughing. We encourage you all to be a little more observant this month, in the small things and notice how they make you happy. Many times we are on a constant search for happiness from the larger things in life, and forget that happiness happens all around us all the time, in the tiniest of moments, we often forget to notice. Slow down, pay attention, and take note of all the little happy things in your life.

Coming up in August:

  • Bring a Friend to the Gym Day

  • Watermelon Day

  • Back To School Drive

  • Women Are Not Small Men Workshop with Sarah Keyes

  • Fajita Day Cooking Class

  • New Group Fitness Classes

  • Lake Placid Classic 5k to 10k Training Program with Erik Lewis

In honor of National Friends Day, we are encouraging you all to bring a friend to the gym on Monday, August 2. Download or take a photo of your FREE DAY GYM PASS and show it to the front desk. All guests must sign in at the front desk with the member who is giving the pass away.