Waterfall Workout Challenge

Waterfall workout & squat burnout challenge

Waterfall workout

Complete each exercise starting with ten reps, then circle back to complete nine, then eight.... until you're down to one rep of each. 

Squat to Overhead Press

Kettlebell Swing

Chest Press in Glute Bridge

Plank Jacks

V- Up

Squat burnout challenge: Search for the song 'Flower' by Moby on Youtube. When you hear the lyrics 'Sally Down', lower down into a squat and hold until you hear 'Sally Up'. Can you complete the whole song?

Mobility and online fitness coaching

"Even though I am a longtime fitness coaching client, I was hesitant to engage in the online sessions from home. After several weeks of feeling like I may be losing some mobility and strength, I decided to give it a try. I anticipated doing it once and then passing until the fitness center reopened. However, I am pleased to share that I now look forward to each session and feel it is benefitting me greatly, especially in these unusual times. I highly encourage others to try it and see how it can benefit you as well!

To get ready for my first session, I simply had to make space in a corner of my basement. That was not even an issue as my coach, Dino, is able to adapt each week’s program to what I have available and what my individual situation is. The sessions are a nice social outlet as well. 

I feel so much better and love having my coach check in with me periodically to see how I am doing and guide me through mobility and strength exercises to keep me feeling my best. I know this will benefit me as I get outside to walk, hike, bike, paddle, bird watch, etc. Look out summer, ready or not, here I come!"

- Elizabeth Trachte

Don't put your fitness on hold, our coaches are here to help you work out from home. For more information on online fitness coaching email Erik Lewish or our front desk staff to get you signed up.