We Are Here For You

Dear members, 

     As our region continues to move through Phase I of reopening, we are all anxious to resume the operation of the Medical Fitness Center. At this time, Governor Cuomo has introduced gyms and fitness centers to be included in Phase IV of the reopening plan.  If this holds true and we continue to be successful in managing this crisis, we are projecting a late June to early July opening.  

     We do not know how we are going to reopen, as our State has yet to release specific details. Once we receive any updates, we will notify you regarding the specifics. Be assured that compliance and safety for you and the staff is our number one goal. We have been busy cleaning and moving equipment to assure social distancing. Once we have the specific details from the State, we will finalize our plans for resuming operation and we will pass it along.

     In the meantime, we continue to be here for you, stay safe, and stay connected with us. We will continue to offer our virtual services, continuing to offer online programs and fitness coaching.  We are constantly imagining new ways to remain connected.   

We miss you all and hope you are continuing to find ways to move and remain healthy. 


Adirondack Health Medical Fitness Center staff. 

Paper Boxes

By April Martin

The first few weeks of quarantine were the toughest for me. The emotional journey was, at many times, overwhelming. I don’t know that I had ever experienced fear like that ever before in my life. A lot of us turn to exercise when we’re in turmoil to work out the unwelcome energy. Unfortunately, all of our favorite spots were locked down. I needed a way to cope. I love making things. Some would call me an artist, I consider myself a crafter. I had run out of gift boxes, and long ago had a great idea to make my own. I sat down and made a paper box. It was an excellent distraction, just detailed enough where I had to pay attention, but it wasn’t too demanding considering my available attention span. I made a few more and it became soothing. For the following weeks, when I felt the stress coming on, I made a paper box. The result of all that anxiety and fear became something really beautiful, 57 paper boxes. That was worry well spent. I hope you all find your paper boxes.