Take time for you

Do you feel like you have been sprinting a marathon every day for the last three weeks and suddenly you could no longer keep sprinting and it felt like you hit a wall? I am here to tell you, you are not alone and there are little things you can do to help prevent this from happening again. Hitting a wall is a term used more often in the endurance sports world. This is when glucose stores are depleted, your body chemistry is no longer firing properly and you literally can’t run anymore – you hit the wall, also known as ‘bonking’. How does one prevent from bonking? Well, athletes focus on more frequent energy intake for more sustained energy during long bouts of intense endurance activity. So, then how does one fend of bonking in life? Perhaps it’s not so different; to avoid bonking in life we have to remind ourselves to take more frequent moments for yourself during our day and weeks, to consciously tell ourselves to slow down, reflect, rest, and even fully disconnect. The key is to allow ourselves to do this without feeling bad for taking that time for you. By doing this you aren’t losing ground, you are actually setting yourself up to be able to continue to thrive for longer. Now is the time to start holding yourself accountable in taking time for you. You are doing great and to keep doing that, you also need to be there for yourself so you can continue to bet there for everyone else. 

Written by Traci Marie Wagner

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