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Build Your Own Squat

Build Your Own Squat,

Sheila Decker ATC, CSCS

Why is the squat important?

The squat is a staple movement in most training programs. It is a compound, multi joint exercise which makes it ideal for lower body muscle development. Many different squat variations and modifications exist so it can be adapted to fit any training goal or level of experience. Whether we are conscious of it or not, we all squat every single day when we sit and stand, get in and out of our car, or pick up objects from the floor. Whether your goal is to lose weight, build a strong core and lower body, lift heavy at the gym, or to simply perform everyday tasks more easily; incorporating the squat can help you get there.

How can I improve my squat?

Do you want to include squats in your training but are unsure of how to start? Do you tend to avoid squats beca use you have pain during the movement or find them difficult? Do you already include squats in your training but feel that your form needs improvement? Do you want to increase your squat capacity? If you answered yes to one or more of those questions the following exercises will help you to diagnose and correct the issues with your squat. Please note that the explanations and exercises in this article are generalized in order to assist an exerciser with an average level of experience and knowledge of anatomy and physiology and do not serve to diagnose any pathology or substitute the need for medical or trained personnel intervention.

What is wrong with my squat?

In order to improve or fix our squat we must first figure out what is going wrong. Use your p hone to film yourself performing a set of 10 bodyweight squats with bare feet. Make sure to capture front, side, and rear views.

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