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Zucchini Pancakes

A yield of 2 provides per serving:

276 calories

16g fat

15g protein

18g carbohydrates

2g fiber

If you have a vegetable garden, good chances you have an abundance of zucchini. These summer vegetables are also plentiful at farmer's markets. With a shelf life of only about in a week in the refrigerator after harvesting, a variety of recipes is good. To maximize zucchini's shelf life, only wash them immediately before use since moisture can encourage early rot. Zucchini can also be frozen for use later. For best freezing results, cut into shape and sizes that are recipe ready, and then blanch before freezing to stop enzyme actions which can deteriorate taste, color, and texture. Zucchini's are an excellent source of vitamin C and potassium. They also contain phytonutritients that can promote gastrointestinal health by promoting friendly bacteria in the gut which may reduce the risk of ulcers and support the immune system.

Joni Gerken, RD, CDN

Clinical Nutrition Manager

Mercy Living Center


518-359-8854 office

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