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yoga4cancer, Marci's Story

with Marci Wenn

Marci Wenn has been a yoga teacher for the past 10 years and has always been involved in the fitness world since she began her fitness career back in the '80s with the originator of "Step Aerobics." From here she has always tried to keep up with the fitness industry by attending trainings and workshops in many different types of group fitness . Everything from High Impact Aerobics, Step, Zumba, Body Bar, NIA, Body Pump, Belly Dance and Pilates, leading into Yoga and Qigong. Her love of group fitness and the participants who attend her classes are always inspiring and uplifting to her.

Marci's newest training has been in Y4C, which stands for yoga4cancer. She wanted to learn in more depth how yoga is beneficial to cancer patients and survivors. Marci has had her own health concerns with cancer and is a survivor for which she is very grateful. The benefits of exercise and movement in general were often a life line for her. Finding expression and connection to others through yoga is a huge reason she took the Y4C training. Marci believes that being able to move her body to stay fluid and strong was a balm to some scary times for her.

The Y4C program was very comprehensive in that it takes yoga poses and practices, modifies them and adapts them for safety and effectiveness for cancer patients and survivors. Y4C addresses specific side effects of cancer treatment. For example, breathing is an important ingredient in all yoga classes, but even more so for cancer patients. It has been said by the founder of Y4C that "cancer

takes your breath away and yoga gives it back." The Y4C methodology has been heavily researched and looks at the body, mind and spirit of each participant. The practice aims to address all aspects of cancer needs. It is both a physical and emotional practice.

Marci hopes to create a community of people who have had experiences with cancer come together to Marci hopes to create a community of people who have had experiences with cancer come together to move, share and support one another. There is never any pressure to speak about one's experience but the opportunity is there for participants if they would like to. A desire for an open place where people care and support each other not only in class but outside of class is an important element for Marci. To help participants feel calmer, more content, knowing they will walk away stronger and ready to face what is next would be her greatest reward.

If you or someone you love is facing cancer, Y4C will is offered on Wednesdays at 10 a.m. and is free for cancer patients and survivors. If you prefer, join from the comfort of your own home virtually by registering here: Contact our front desk at 518-523-8521 to learn more.

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