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Together we can: Half-Marathon Program Recap

with Anna Izzo

I love coaching.

Although I've been a coach of different sorts - yoga, skiing, general fitness, etc. - for almost 5 years now, this was my first time training anyone from ground zero to the finish line of a half-marathon. The fact that they put their faith in me to get them there, on top of their commitment to their goal, it was an experience like no other.

Our first run in July we ran just under three miles. Multiple of the long runs they had to stop and walk during, especially at the hills, but on race day they ran from start to finish like CHAMPS. I didn't expect it to be emotional for me because I've done so many halves, but the realization that my JOB is to help people reach their bucket list goals?


I couldn't be more grateful for this job that landed in my lap out of nowhere that has brought me the stability I needed, challenges that have helped me grow, people that have encouraged and inspired me, and awareness of how important it is that you don't change yourself or settle for a job you hate.

Work is work, but show up as the true you and do work that you love and you'll forget you're working, even when your job is to run over 13 miles keeping morale and spirits high on a very chilly day.

I hope to coach and inspire and help people reach their goals for many ears to come, thank you Jess and Delina (Adirondack Health's own) for letting me lead you toward that finish line.

You did it!

From Delina:

We trained for 14 weeks and completed my very first half marathon at Lake Placid Classic - 13.1 miles without stopping to walk. Time wasn’t my goal. It was about body feeling good, having fun, don’t walk, finish strong. I overcame a lot of mental breakthroughs on this run, felt presence of loved ones that passed cheering me on, I cried, I felt exhilarated, I ran a race that was the beginning to a new version of myself which is more courageous, more trusting in self and trusting that my needs will be provided for by GOD. Every time I needed something on this race, it became available without me having to provide it- that builds trust that I can depend on the higher power to deliver my needs and allows me to live in faith with uncertainty. Lesson learned and grateful.

From Jess:

Anna, thank you for your guidance, encouragement and most importantly, your patience! You calmed me down at least twice during the race. The first time when my bib fell off and I panicked, the second when I was getting cramps just short of the finish line and panicked again. You are a great coach. You were definitely meant to be a coach. You have a strong spirit. Don’t stop doing what you love my friend.

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