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Small Changes for Big Success for a Healthy Weight

with Joni Gerken

A goal to lose weight is one of the most common New Year’s resolutions. It is also a very commonly broken resolution. Too often people can’t maintain the big changes to their diet that they feel they have to make to lose weight. In truth, a few small changes to a person’s eating behaviors can result in huge results, and be easier to maintain. When I work with people to lose weight, I like to review their current diet and then try to identify three changes they can make to improve their nutrition. When these changes can become habit, additional changes can be made if to

tal weight loss goal has not been met. It is very important to make sure these changes are realistic to the individual and sustainable. Any changes that you make to your diet needs to be permanent to keep off the weight. Also, because they are permanent, you want to make sure that these changes support healthy nutrition to positively impact your health. Ideas for small changes for weight loss are:

  • Making half your plate full of fruit and vegetables

  • Switching soft drinks for water

  • Eating whole grains instead of refined grains

  • Cooking fresh meals at home more often than restaurant or prepared meals

  • Eat three meals a day

  • Limit alcohol

  • Make sure snacks are healthy

  • Eat until you are satisfied and not overly full

Commit to your changes. Be honest and accountable for whether or not you are following through with them. Though, if you aren’t committing to a change, every moment can be a fresh start or maybe a different change is more realistic. If you need help reviewing your diet and identifying were positive changes can be made, appointments for nutrition consultations can be made at the front desk.

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