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Nutritional Cleanse sans "Cleansing Diet"

with Joni Gerken

Cleanse and Detox diets have been quite popular in recent years. Detox diets tend to be short term, very strict diets, often consisting of a period of fasting that supposedly rid the body of toxins. The truth is that there is very little research behind detox diets, and our bodies are quite effectively designed for continuously removing toxins.

Rather than a strict diet or fasting that is probably going to lead to overeating after, consider how you can improve your everyday diet. Small changes over a long period can make significant changes in your health. Think about your typical diet, possibly even write down what you eat for a couple of days and see where you can improve.

  • Ideas for improving your daily diet are getting enough fruits and vegetables, choosing unsweetened beverages over sugary beverages, or choosing mostly whole grains over refined grains.

  • Goals could also be weekly based, such as cooking more meals at home, having a meatless day once a week, limiting sweet deserts to three days a week.

It is important to choose goals that are sustainable for you, and not a quick fix. One or two goals at most helps with the sustainability, rather than making it feel like a diet overhaul.

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