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March AHMFC Staff Profile: Registered Dietitian, Joni Gerkin

I ended up with a career in nutrition with a love for food and a fascination with how our bodies utilize what we eat. My interest became greater when I started training for marathons and triathlons and realized how small changes in eating behaviors can affect performance and how my body feels. During my educational training, I was able to learn how much nutrition plays a role in health for disease prevention and treatment. I love being able to work in the hospital as part of the clinical team, but also love working with clients at the Medical Fitness Center to improve their health early or finding the nutritional edge that will improve athletic performance.

My favorite physical activities involve my two girls ages four and seven. We ski and skate in the winter and are regularly swim and waterski in summer. My personal favorite activity is running.

I love being a part of the Medical Fitness Center as an opportunity to work with people to improve their health and help prevent chronic health conditions. I also love being a part of improving an athlete's athletic performance.

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