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How to Get Back into Running After Winter?

by Erik Lewish

If you are like many runners in the northern latitudes, then your running shape probably declines during the wintertime, which can make starting to run again feel like an insurmountable task. The most important thing to remember is to take it slow and steady for your first run. Here are some helpful tips to get you motivated and back on the roads or trails!

1 Sign up for a race!

Having a race date set on the calendar is a great way to get back out and start running again. Knowing you have to perform on a certain date will keep you accountable and give you a goal to train for.

2 Set a performance goal!

Whether it’s finishing your first 5k or first marathon, performance goals can motivate us to push outside of our comfort zone. Performance goals can be distance, time, or pace.

3 Bring a friend!

Running with a friend is a great way to stay accountable. Knowing that someone else is counting on you is one of the best motivations. Running with a group is even better!

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4 Reward yourself!

Buy yourself some new running shoes or running clothes. New clothes and shoes that you feel good about yourself in can really improve your mood and make you look forward to your next run.

5 Plan a new route!

Sometimes we dread running because of the route that we are running. We know every hill, every straightaway, every pothole, every dog that will bark at us, and that can make for a very boring run. Trying a new route can breathe some life into your enjoyment of running.

6 Make a playlist of songs you love!

Make a playlist of songs you love and only listen to it when you are running. Songs that hype you up and make you excited for the run. Now you’re not just running but also listening to your favorite tunes. Only listen to it when you run, otherwise, it will lose its appeal.

7 Keep a streak!

Whether you check it off the to-do list or cross it off the calendar, try to keep track of the days that you run and be proud of keeping your streak alive!

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