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A Matter of Balance

with Justin Kellett

Balance is a complex human function with many different factors involved. It includes a combination of physical components such as muscular strength and joint stability, along with neurological attributes such as vision, proprioception and maintaining equilibrium. The ability to mesh each of these factors together is what will determine a person’s level of overall balance. Many people suffer from poor balance or notice it diminish over time. Fortunately, consistent practice and maintained strength slow this progression. “Use it, so you don’t lose it!”

Balance is used in all aspects of life. We are required to maintain our center of gravity in every activity we perform relative to our foundation of support. Even distribution of weight is what enables us to remain upright and steady. This includes being stationary as well as in motion. Reaction time and agility also play significant roles in balance. The ability to react promptly when your balance is thrown off and being able to do what is required to get the body back under control is critical in preventing falls and avoiding injury. If you trip and head towards a fall, it is imperative that your brain can recognize this and send signals to other extremities to prevent it from happening. This is where reaction time and agility come into play. Fortunately, this is something that can be taught with repetition and diligence to avoid injury.

The A Matter of Balance group training program taking place August 5 through September 30 is designed to address all aspects of balance. It is a low intensity progression geared towards improving functional mobility, as well as stability. It will also address how to properly improve strength, coordination and total body awareness. Call the front desk or email for more information!

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