Move In May


This month's theme, selected by the U.S Department of Health & Human Services, is all about movement. During the month of May, our coaches will be sharing different workout ideas and inspiration for you to #MoveInMay. We will also host a variety of challenges. Up first: a photo contest. Submit a photo during the first week of May of how you will be moving in May. Photos can be submitted on Instagram @AHMedicalFitness with the hashtags #MoveInMay #AHMedicalFitness and #WeAreHereForYou or e-mailed to Erik Lewish at The winner of the photo contest will receive one paid program of their choice free! 

Over the course of our lives, our knees take a beating. Running, jumping, skiing, hiking, and all of the other activities we love cause wear and tear at the joint which can be expressed as knee pain. Knee pain can have many causes and is not always due to an injury. Overuse, insufficient strength and mobility, and improper mechanics can all contribute to knee pain. Although we cannot completely reverse damage in the knee joint, we can always support the joint and prevent damage by strengthening and mobilizing up and down the kinetic chain. By strengthening the musculature surrounding the knee we can alleviate stress on the joint and reduce tendon inflammation that causes pain. By mobilizing the surrounding joints and releasing muscle adhesions we can lessen the “pull” of tight tendons on the joint and be free to perform proper movement patterns and techniques pain-free.  

This six-week course designed by Sheila Decker ATC, CSCS follows a progression to gradually increase knee stability, balance, and strength in order to help you enjoy an active lifestyle for years to