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Lactate Threshold Testing

Lactic acid - a byproduct of exercise - builds up in our muscles as duration and intensity of activity persist. The more work we can accomplish before lactic acid limits our performance, the further we can go. Lactate Threshold Testing allows you to learn your maximal performance limit, while setting a biomarker to use as a reference for future training sessions. Over time, consistent and strategic training allows for better performance. For this reason, an effective aerobic training plan cannot be created without first knowing an individual's lactate threshold. Lactate Threshold testing can be a motivator for any age to keep improving performance and working toward optimal fitness levels .

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First Session

Your first session will test your baseline levels

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Work With A Coach 

From there you and your coach will work on a plan based on your results. 

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Follow Up Session

Your coach will schedule you for follow-up testing down the road to fine-tune your plan and progress. 

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