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Online Fitness Coaching

Your progress is important to you, therefore it is important to us!

Not being able to see a fitness coach in person can be a hard change for many, or - for some it may already be their preferred style of coaching. Online fitness coaching is no foreign concept; for many, it is this style of coaching that fits their lifestyle best.


Adirondack Health Medical Fitness coaches are now available to you virtually! Progress, connection, the rapport you develop with a coach is important to you, therefore it is even more important to us to be able to provide that no matter where you are. Our coaches are ready to provide you with the tools you need to keep your momentum in health and wellness moving forward from the comfort of your own home. 

What Is Online Fitness Coaching?

All-inclusive coaching

There is one way online fitness coaching is different - not physically working with your coach in person. You may be surprised to find out, besides that it really isn't that different at all! In actuality, working online with your coach has many added benefits, and the value is perhaps even more. With online coaching, our coaches offer all-inclusive coaching. What does that mean? That means your coach is there for you in more ways than just fitness, to support you when you need it most. Most often when fitness and wellness questions come up isn't when you are scheduled to see your coach. 


You will meet with your coach virtually just as you would in person. Here is where you and your coach will work on your fitness goals. During that online session, your coach will provide you with your workout program; taking the guesswork out of what to do. All of our coaches have their own style of coaching, but what they all have in common is their true passion for your wellbeing and you as a whole person. They understand more than anyone that each person is an individual and that means, they take the time to get to know you, and design programs that are specific to you, what you like, your goals, your health concerns, injuries, busy life and so on. 

How does it work?

Five and ten fitness coaching packages are the best way to go!

1. If you are a member and already have a coach. Contact your coach to schedule your first online session. 

2. Coming soon...log into your member portal and purchase a package of fitness coaching sessions. Packages of five and ten are recommended for online coaching. This will give you five or ten weeks of all-inclusive coaching. If you are a member you can also choose to sign up for our fitness coaching recurring service. For more details, contact medicalfitness@adirondackhealth.org

3. You do not need to be a member to take advantage of our online coaching services. Contact us at medicalfitness@adirondackhealth.org and we will get you all set up with a coach. Based on your goals we will match you with the right person, or if you already have one of our coaches in mind that is even better. 

Free! Online Fitness Consultation

Everything around us is changing and there is a lot of uncertainty, having an online coach could just be exactly what you need!

New to the concept of having a fitness coach? New to online coaching? Meet with one of our coaches virtually for free to find out what it is all about. 

Having a coach on your side might just be exactly what you need! Especially during times when life is busy, things are changing, and perhaps there's a lot of uncertainty. Having an online coach can provide you with consistency, healthy habits, organization, accountability, and ultimately the guidance to overall wellness. 

Meet Our Coaches

Erik Lewish

Dino Angelopoulos 

Kim Beach 

Sheila Decker

Erik Lewish is passionate about health and human performance and understands the myriad of ways in which we can improve our quality of life through proper exercise and nutrition.  Some of Erik’s fitness interests include endurance performance, sport-specific strength, bodybuilding, weight loss, and nutrition.  When not in the gym, Erik can be found running and biking around the Adirondacks, sailing or skiing on Mirror Lake, seeking out vintage vinyl, and playing the guitar.



Dino Angelopoulos utilizes his knowledge of injury prevention and athletic performance to keep his clients moving at their optimum level. He believes that the body should move well before moving a lot. Whether it applies to strength training, playing sports or running, if you are not moving properly, you are not moving efficiently. If you can’t squat with proper form, you are not ready for resistance. Dino works with clients daily to help them achieve the best movement patterns to perform to the best of their ability.



Kim Beach, a Fitness Coach residing in Lake Placid, NY. She has been a certified personal trainer and group exercise instructor since 2016. She is passionate about helping others create and maintain a healthy, balanced lifestyle. She understands better than anyone that what that looks like is unique to each one person. For Kim, this means finding different ways to move each day & never cutting out dark chocolate!


As a coach, she seeks to understand your goals, interests, and what truly motivates you, understanding there is no one answer for everyone. She takes into consideration any limitations that you may have and will work with you to create customized programming that’s effective, sustainable, and most importantly- fun! The one thing that she will consistently ask of you is to show up every day and all you have to do is try your best.  She is here to help you- so let's get started! 

Sheila Decker was a multisport athlete, competing in soccer, lacrosse, rugby, track & field, and downhill ski racing. She began powerlifting and Olympic weightlifting (under the instruction of fellow fitness coach and ATC Dino Angelopoulos) in order to increase performance in other sporting endeavors. She grew a fondness for these movements and still includes them in her training today. Sheila is a current member of the Mountaineers Women’s Rugby Team and enjoys hiking, swimming, paddling, biking, and skiing the beautiful Adirondacks. Staying true to her Athletic Training background, Sheila often includes corrective and rehabilitative exercises in her programming and enjoys creating unconventional movements that are both physically and cognitively challenging.