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Focused Group Training

New Year, New You

Grab a friend, or two and sign up for our brand new "A New Year, A New You" focused group training program designed with your goals in mind. This program can be for any group of four or more. You will meet for six fitness coaching sessions and two dietary counseling sessions. Your first session with your coach will focus on the group's goals, whatever they may be! Then, your group will continue with weekly training plans and meet once a week for one hour of training with your coach. 



  • $125 per person for members (includes 6 fitness coaching sessions, 2 dietary counseling sessions, and weekly training plans)

  • $250 for nonmembers with full access to the facility for 6 weeks. (includes 6 fitness coaching sessions, two dietary counseling sessions, and weekly training plans)


Kim Beach, Mondays at 1 p.m. or Tuesdays at 8:30 a.m.
As a coach, I seek to understand my client’s goals and interests. I take into consideration any limitations they may have and work with them to create a customized program that’s effective, sustainable, and fun.  Each session, I try to meet my clients where they’re at that day. We’re all human and how we perform during workouts can depend on a variety of factors: sleep, nutrition, stress, emotions, etc.. Functional fitness, strength training, mobility, and flexibility are areas of fitness that I try to incorporate into each session.

This program will start on January 13 and 14.