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Safety First with TRX Training

by Justin Kellett

TRX (total resistance exercises) has grown in popularity over the past few years due to its convenience and effectiveness, utilizing a form of suspension training aimed at developing strength, balance, flexibility, and stability. TRX was initially designed by a former navy seal to be used as a portable training device geared towards keeping elite soldiers in shape while on operations. No weights or machines were needed, all you needed was a tree or a pole available and you could perform a variety of challenging body weight and cardiovascular exercises whenever desired. Here are some measures one can take beforehand that will make your transition to using TRX safe and beneficial.

1 Have a starting point

It is always helpful to have a starting point before you begin using TRX. This means participating in regular exercise and being familiar with resistance training to some extent is a great place to start.

2 Body weight plus resistance

Body weight exercises paired along with variable resistance training methods may be a good idea to ensure certain muscle groups and joints are able to withstand the volume and load of TRX exercises. Building up your fitness levels prior to participation in a TRX program will minimize the risk of accidents and injury greatly.

3 Don't go at it alone

It is also very important if you are just starting out with TRX to have somebody knowledgeable provide assistance with proper form and instruction to perform exercises safely and effectively.

Several other factors you should be aware of to fully and safely take advantage of TRX training systems.

  • Core strength is key. Nearly every exercise requires you to engage your core to keep yourself stable during movements. Some exercises you can do to increase core strength are planks, sit-ups, and crunches along with rotational cable exercises.

  • Working out progressively is also very important. Always start with the easier exercises first before progressing to more advanced ones. Everyone’s capabilities are different instead of jumping right into accomplishing a big goal start smaller and build up to them; this will help you stay motivated.

Lastly, always make sure your TRX system is set up correctly regardless of whether it is set up at the gym or your own home. Making sure your anchor point is sturdy and reliable. Be sure when you are performing certain exercises the ropes are adjusted to a comfortable length where you are able to perform the exercise without being overly strenuous.

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