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Must Know Facility Changes

Dear Members,

We write to let you know of a few changes. We have moved the Medical Fitness Reception area to the office down the hall from the check in station, our General Manager's office; now the new Medical Fitness Reception. If you have any membership inquiries, need a front desk attendant, have to ask a question, sign up for pool times, or just want to say hi, here is where you will now find your friendly AHMFC front desk team.

With this change, our General Manager's office is now located a little off the grid, but not to worry, it's not too far away and although she will miss everyone who stops by to say hi regularly, you will still see her plenty!

This change also changes the flow of traffic for members. Members will enter the facility the same way you are used to; scan in at the same location; leave shoes and jackets in the hallway; workout or swim; collect shoes and jacket in the hallway; then instead of leaving through the gym; members will now leave the same way they came in; just like the good old days.

Members will now scan out at the designated check out station, now located outside the new MFC reception office.

The prior MFC reception location is now occupied by the Physical Therapy/Occupational Therapy department reception only. For all MFC inquires please go to our new reception location.

If you are at the center for a coaching session, follow the same procedures, and meet your coach in the gym, not the lobby.

On the weekends:

When you enter the building on the weekends, you will now be screened outside the New MFC Reception location. Prior to scanning/signing in, please stop at the office first to allow for a front desk attendant to screen you. After you are screened then you may proceed to the check-in station and on your way to enjoy your swim or workout. If a front desk attendant isn't at the office, please wait to be screened, and they will return shortly.


Your AHMFC Team

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