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Squat Workout

Kinotek Mobility Assessment

Kinotek takes body movement and assessment to the next level! The technology uses a single camera to access body movement and teach clients to understand their body movement better. Kinotek records immersive 360° analyses that provide 3D interactive visuals of the body and its movements. The result is a full body assessment and Movement Health Report.


Full Body Assessment

Get a full body mobility assessment with our advanced Kinotek Software. This will allow you and your coach to work on targeted goals with the findings from this assessment. This is a 60-minute session. 


Follow Up Assessments

Follow up with your coach for 30-minute sessions to see improvements from your plan based on the previous findings. 

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Add On To a Coaching Session

Already working with a coach? Schedule an add on assessment to your next 60-minute session.

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