Joan Kelleher

Facility Role: Yoga Instructor

Certifications Held: 200hr Yoga RYT, Yin Yoga Certification

Hometown: Lake Placid, NY

Favorite Type of Movement: Yoga

Describe your teaching style. 

Fresh, welcoming and fun. I never teach the same class twice, and for me the music makes the class. I make sure to offer adjustments and modifications as students need to make my classes accessible for everyone no matter where they are on their mat.

How do you spend your days off?

As an artist, when I'm not teaching I can be found doing any number of creative endeavors. I also love to cook for my family and spend time outdoors (especially on skis).

What is your favorite thing about teaching at AHMFC?

Hands down the members. I just love the AHMFC people.

What inspires you to teach?

My students. Seeing the transformative experience of yoga touch others' lives is immensely powerful. I love witnessing the ultimate mind/body connection that comes from our practice together.