Our most common questions and answers

  1. Are you taking new members?

    • Yes! We are always taking in new members. Call 518.523.8521 to book a tour.​

  2. Are you taking day passes?​

    • Yes, at this time we are accepting 30 or 90 day passes, as well as member guest passes.

  3. Do you have a capacity limit?

    • With the new CDC guidelines, we no longer have a capacity limit. Social distance policies still apply.​

  4. What do I do if I still don't feel comfortable returning?

    • Reach out to our front desk at 518.523.8521 they always find solutions to every concern​. 

  5. Do you have air filtration?​

    • Yes, our entire building is equipped with the highest quality, hospital-grade air filtration system. 

  1. When can we work out without masks?

    • Yes! Masks are no longer required when working out on the main fitness floor, the studio or pool. Masks are required when entering and leaving the facility, and while in the lockerroom and hallways.

  2. Will there be outdoor group fitness classes?Yes! Outdoor group fitness classes start in June. You do not need to wear a mask when outside! Spin and Zumba will be outdoors only and weather dependent. That means if it is raining, you can assume the class is canceled. 

  3. Where do I go for an outdoor group fitness?

    • Meet your instructor at the back of the turf on the main fitness floor.  

  4. Do I have to wear a mask for an outdoor group fitness?​

    1. No! Outdoor group fitness classes are mask-free so long as everyone remains 10' apart.  

  1. Do you have virtual group fitness?

    • Yes! All of our classes are streamed virtually

  2. Can I wear my outdoor shoes in the gym?

    • No! Outdoor shoes will ruin the equipment. Please wear dirt-free indoor shoes only on the main fitness floor and group fitness studio.

  3. Where do I meet my fitness coach?

    • You and your coach may discuss this, in general, you will meet your coach out on the fitness floor.

  4. What services do you offer?

    • Dietary Counseling ​​

    • Body Stat Testing

    • Lipid Screening 

    • Lactate Threshold Testing 

    • Functional Movement Screens 

    • Fall Prevention Screens

    • Golf Specific Fitness Coaching

    • One-On-One Fitness Coaching

    • Water Fitness Coaching 

  1. What are your hours?

    • We are open Monday - Friday 6 a.m. - 7 p.m. and 8 a.m. - 4 p.m. on the weekends

  2. Are the locker rooms open?

    •  Yes! Locker rooms are open, social distance policies apply. Members are required to wipe all touched surfaces after use. Day-use lockers are available and you may rent one for $15/month. Showers are available for use. 

  3. What COVID-19 Policies still apply?

    • All members are to be screened prior to using the facility. Members are to stay home if they are not feeling well. Members are to remain at least 6' apart/ 10' apart when outdoors. Members are to wipe equipment before and after use. Members no longer have to wear a mask while working out or in the pool. Masks are still required when entering and leaving the facility. 

  4. Can I change at the facility?​

       Yes, members may rent a locker and

       change at the facility, or leave their bag in

       the hallway. 

  1. What are the swim policies?

    • ​First-come-first-serve​

    • Swimmers shower prior to entering the pool 

    • Swimmers may wait on the pool deck for a lane to free 

    • The open swim lanes are available to swim in for as little or long as you would like

    • Multiple members may swim in one lane at a time so long as they remain 6' apart and two swimmers don't stop at the same time to rest. 

  2. How far in advance can I sign up for a class?

    • 14-days

  3. How do I sign up for a class or program?

    • Log into your member portal, link found at the top right corner of the main page

  4. What does membership include?​

    • Use of the entire facility including the pool

    • Locker rentals for an extra fee

    • Towel service

    • Showers and shower supplies 

    • Saline lap pool 

    • Free group fitness classes 

    • Member rates on a special program 

    • Member rates on fitness coaching 

    • One free fitness consultation 

    • Filtered water

    • The most helpful and friendly staff!

    • Being a part of something truly special

    • State of the art equipment

    • Cable television on cardio equipment

    • Free Wifi

  1. Can I put my membership on freeze?

    • Yes! You may put your membership on freeze for up to 6-months every year.

  2. What if I want to cancel my membership before I finish my contract?

    • We understand things happen and sometimes you can't fulfill your intended 12-month term. You may cancel free of charge with documentation due to moving away or medical reasons. Or - you may choose to pay 50% of your remaining dues to end. your contract early.

  3. When do I get billed for membership?

    • On the first of every month. Our billing company is ABC financial. If payment doesn't go through you will receive notice from this company, not us. 

  4. I see a service charge with my monthly dues, what is that?

    • If billing got declined for any reason, you will be charged a service fee. These fees are removable if you contact the front desk and resolve the issue promptly.