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April Mindfulness

April Mindfulness Meditation Series

Our mind is a muscle, and just like we train our biceps or quadriceps in the gym, it is important to train the muscles of the mind to be strong in the face of our daily lives. Meditation is a powerful practice that not only improves focus and clarity of mind, but it has been shown to help people in combatting depression, anxiety, and feelings of overwhelm - especially during times of transition.


With the recent shift into Spring, it's not unlikely that you might be feeling the affects of this change. To help you navigate this time in peace, Coach Anna and instructor Michelle have developed a meditation series for the month of April for you to follow along with.

Each week a meditation will arrive in your inbox. Click in, listen in, and remain aware of how you feel as the month goes on. Feel free to repeat the weekly meditation as many times throughout the week as you would like!


The member (or members) with the most “attendance” will be entered to win a visit to the Adirondack Foot Sanctuary.

Self-care isn't selfish, spread the word!

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