Anna Izzo

Facility Role: Fitness Coach, Director of Digital Marketing

Certifications Held: ACE Personal Trainer, NYS Coach, Yoga Alliance RYT 200hr

Hometown: Lake Placid, NY

Favorite Type of Movement: Running & Yoga

Describe your coaching philosophy. 

Start from where you are, discover movement you and your body love and develop sustainable habits that inspire you to maintain overall wellness for life from there. Our bodies are wise if only we'll listen.

How do you spend your days off?

Slow mornings filled with yoga, tea and self-care followed by days filled with outdoor adventures, fun with family and friends, a farmer's market here and there, and ADK air blowing through my hair.

What is your favorite thing about working at AHMFC?

My co-workers. We all value each other's contributions to the facility, which in turn creates a healthy environment to be ourselves in.

What sparked your passion of leading a fit & well lifestyle?

When I was faced with transitioning out of NCAA D1 Nordic Skiing I learned what it was to be healthy in a whole new way, and I have the journey to thank for my outlook on health being the greatest wealth there ever will be.